Could the Arpaio pardon be Trump’s Waterloo?

By Albert Bender Will the disgraceful pardon of the brazenly racist Sheriff Joe Arpaio be Trump’s Waterloo? It certainly should be. Trump has done what no other “president” in recent U.S. history has ever done: He has, by his actions, endorsed virulent racism, lauded flagrant white supremacy, and praised the holding of people of color—specifically Latinos—in what by Arpaio’s own admission…

Belize – Between Guatemala and Cuba

Margarito Gaspar Vega, Deputy Prime Minister of Belize, in June 2016 at the 7th Summit of the Association of Caribbean States (ACS) in Havana, Cuba, tells the Cuban President that Belize is very grateful for all the support his country has received when “it has most needed it.” (Granma) By Evan X Hyde Belize’s education system appears…

Jewish Voice for Peace celebrates solidarity with Palestinian freedom fighters

In her opening remarks here at the annual conference of Jewish Voice for Peace, Executive Director Rebecca Vilkomerson said that the fight for Palestinian freedom in territory controlled by Israel is “squarely in the center of the fight” against Islamophobia and anti- immigrant bigotry here in the United States.

Protests hit the streets of Paris following police shooting of Chinese man

The streets of Paris’ 19th district, or arrondissement, were calm, but still tense on Tuesday. Ethnically Chinese protesters took to the streets for a second day, demonstrating against the killing of 56 year old Liu Shaoyo, by French police. The Chinese father of five was shot in his home on Sunday. […]

France is home to Europe’s largest Chinese community, estimated at around 600,000. Ethnically Chinese residents of Paris say they are often targets of racist attacks, and have long complained that the city isn’t safe for them.