New York’s public and private housing tenants join forces

October 24, 2019 | 10:51 AM CST  BY | CAMERON ORR Cold rain and classic Manhattan sewer water puddles couldn’t stop more than 300 tenants from attending a statewide coalition meeting last Wednesday. Gathered in the auditorium of the Washington Irving High School, activists and leaders of organizations united by the Housing Justice For All began by belting out…

United Airlines excavates a new low in “race to the bottom”

From cutting food offerings, to drastically reducing legroom, to consolidating the industry through buyouts, private airline companies have tried their best to maximize profit by squeezing customers (sometimes literally). Now, United has taken to defending their bottom line with violence. […]

The profit motive has shown, once again, that it can motivate humans to carry out inhuman acts. Regardless of whether or not this was a rare incident, we should all empathize with Dr. Dao and take time to question the status quo of air travel today.

The deregulatory spiral, begun when President Ronald Reagan fired the air traffic controllers when they went on strike in the 1980’s, continues.