AMC Nurses Receive Support From Albany Co. Legislature & City Council

On the evening of Dec. 16, 2019, both the Albany County Legislature and the City of Albany Common Council took action in support of nurses at Albany Medical Center who are attempting to get a collective bargaining agreement with the hospital.

The Albany Med nurses who are represented by the New York State Nurses Association (NYSNA) have been negotiating for a contract for over a year.

Senate bill isn’t mean, it’s cruel!

BY LILY ESKELSEN GARCÍA When Senate Republicans finally revealed their secret plan to decimate the Affordable Care Act last week, it became apparent why groups like the AARP, the American Academy of Pediatrics, and the American Medical Association have come out to criticize the bill. You can add America’s educators to that growing list of opposition….

Mothers and children are dying! We need health care for all!

I believe that mass deaths of mothers and infants take precedence over questions like who is going to pay or what do insurance companies and hospitals want. Not even the death toll on September 11, 2001 comes close to the numbers we are dealing with. …
You have the tool in your hands, a plan for health care for everybody, single-payer health care. It costs too much, you may say. But no one asked about money when, after September 11, the United States launched seemingly endless war in response to that earlier calamity.

Women’s health is on the chopping block, again

Politicians putting women’s health on the chopping block isn’t new. But the pain feels so much sharper with this Congress and White House chipping away at constitutional rights and slashing funding for women’s health. The burden will fall heaviest on women who can least afford cuts, but who will be forced to pay the heaviest price.