Informational resources on the War on Syria

Links courtesy of US Peace Council, Peace and Fact Finding Delegation to Syria in July 2016


  • USPC open letter 2015 October 10 to peace movement raising threat of direct confrontation between US and Russia, referring to Project for a New American Century and proposals for peace. <>


  • US Peace Council statement 2013 March 24 demonstrating lies used to demonize Syrian government and justify violent overthrow, listing actions Syrian government took to respond to the nonviolent opposition, explaining the grand imperialist strategy described in the Project for the New American Century that before 9/11 required the US to overthrow 7 governments, most of which has now been accomplished. <>





  • Former UK ambassador to Syria tells skeptical interviewer that UK and US should back off. He does not accept that nonintervention means support for Syrian government.





  • Dr. Tim Anderson, author of “The Dirty War On Syria,” TV interview. A concise, compelling analysis of the history of the war often from government sources and the nefarious role of the mass media. <>





  • Radio interview links

Kevin Pina, Flashpoints, with Henry Lowendorf, USPC. Starts at 27 minutes. <>


Cheryl Curtiss interviews Henry Lowendorf on Syria delegation. <>


David Swanson interviews Judy Bello from United National Antiwar Network. <>


  • News, web interview links

New Haven Register: <>


Muslim Press with Madelyn Hoffman:>


Mount Olive Chronicle with Madelyn Hoffman: <>




  • Eva Bartlett recent TV interview. Bartlett just spent 9 weeks in Syria, including Aleppo, and challenges US government and other media distortions on what is happening in Syria and who the criminals are. <>

Website is <>












  • Patrick Cockburn compares the biased coverage of Mosul and Aleppo.



  • Eva Bartlett in 2015 excellently reviews the history of the conflict in Syria, exposing the massive propaganda efforts to mislead the public, containing ample and varied references.