Housing Justice For All: Statewide Demands #CuomosHousingCrisis

[Housing Justice For All Statewide Platform – PDF link]

Public Housing:
● Fully fund the New York City Housing Authority: New York State should adopt the People’s NYCHA Plan to fund repairs in NYCHA through an annual billion dollar investment of capital funds from New York State.

● Fully fund and create 20,000 units of supportive housing : Supportive housing breaks the cycle of homelessness by pairing permanent housing with on-site services for people with a history of substance abuse, and/or who have mental and physical health needs.
● Fully fund the Homes Stability Support (HSS) program : HSS is a new statewide rent supplement for low-income families and individuals who are facing eviction, homelessness, or loss of housing due to domestic violence or hazardous conditions.
● Renew and increase funding for civil legal services : Ensure all New Yorkers have legal representation in housing court to prevent evictions and to ensure homeless New Yorkers aren’t discriminated against based off their source of income.
● Provide rental assistance for low-income HIV-positive New Yorkers living outside of New York City : Develop a $20 million pilot project or pass of legislation introduced by Senator Hoylman and Assembly Member Hevesi.

Stronger Rent Laws:
● End the “Eviction” Bonus! The “vacancy” or “eviction” bonus allows huge increases of 20 percent or more in rent stabilized apartments upon vacancy. This means that tenants who want to move are faced with unaffordable rents in every neighborhood in the city, even in rent stabilized apartments. Bill #S1593 (Serrano)/#A954 (Kavanagh)
● Make Preferential Rents the Legal Rent! The preferential rent scheme has been a unique tool to assist landlords in raising rents by huge percentages during a tenancy. While preferential rents seems to be a good thing for tenants, preferential rents easily hide fraudulent legal rents and even when legitimate, weaken tenants’ right to renewal leases at increases approved by the Rent Guidelines Board. Bill #S3712 (Krueger)/#A741 (Bichotte)
● No Tax Breaks for Luxury Development: We demand that there be no tax breaks for developers and
the rent laws must be strengthened to prevent the continued loss of rent regulated units.
● Support Ossining and Additional Municipalities opt into the Emergency Tenant Protection Act: We are demanding that Ossining opt into the ETPA (the Emergency Tenant Protection Act), which it has resisted doing since the act was passed in the 70’s– because close to half of the units in Ossining (1,300) would be become rent stabilized if they opted in. We call on the state to pro-actively bring municipalities into the ETPA.

Revenue Generation:
● Back the extend-and-expand Millionaires Tax : Capture explosive income gains amongst the super-rich that’s been proposed by Assembly Speaker Carl Heastie and the Assembly Majority Conference.
● Close the carried interest loophole: End a loophole that only benefits hedge funds and private equity billionaires through state legislation introduced by Senator Klein and Assembly Member Aubrey.
● Support the New York City “Mansion Tax ” Proposal: Tax the sale of luxury condos and homes worth $2 million or more.