Costs of War and Militarism

Lindsay Koshgarian; National Priorities Project, Institute for Policy Studies Statement for New York, NY. February 12, 2018 U.S. cities and states are heavily reliant on federal funds. The average state government receives approximately 30 percent of its revenues from the federal government. In 2015, New York City received $6.3 billion in federal funds. [1] The…

Venezuelan journalist William Serafino links the attacks against the Maduro government to ExxonMobil oil interests. Zamora Plan

  It’s April 18. The political climate is defined by a highly confrontational and warmongering tone of the Venezuelan opposition the day before a national sit-in (plantón) where, once again, violent acts were to be expected: destruction and confrontation with law enforcement. President Nicolas Maduro delivers a speech in the evening from Miraflores Presidential Palace….

Imperialism in the 21st Century affects Americans, too

By Emile Schepers The  purpose of this article is to clarify what imperialism is and is not, how it is functioning worldwide as the year 2017 begins, how it impacts workers in the United States, and what we should be doing in response to it. What Imperialism is, and what it is not Imperialism is…

Jewish Voice for Peace celebrates solidarity with Palestinian freedom fighters

In her opening remarks here at the annual conference of Jewish Voice for Peace, Executive Director Rebecca Vilkomerson said that the fight for Palestinian freedom in territory controlled by Israel is “squarely in the center of the fight” against Islamophobia and anti- immigrant bigotry here in the United States.