Chicago South Shore activists and cops find some agreement on killings

Demetrius Nash, the Founder of Replace Guns with Hammers, an organization which seeks to place at-risk youth in building trades union apprenticeships, said, “If we hold police accountable, we have hold each other accountable. … [We need] resources coming down from city hall, the state levels, and even Washington D.C. into these communities and getting vocational skills for these young men, youth centers, and the things we used to have.”

Protests hit the streets of Paris following police shooting of Chinese man

The streets of Paris’ 19th district, or arrondissement, were calm, but still tense on Tuesday. Ethnically Chinese protesters took to the streets for a second day, demonstrating against the killing of 56 year old Liu Shaoyo, by French police. The Chinese father of five was shot in his home on Sunday. […]

France is home to Europe’s largest Chinese community, estimated at around 600,000. Ethnically Chinese residents of Paris say they are often targets of racist attacks, and have long complained that the city isn’t safe for them.

Queens comes out against Trump

By Gabe Falsetta Hundreds of people gathered in the brisk air and sunshine Sunday afternoon in MacDonald Park in Forest Hills, Queens to send a clear message to Mr. Trump that Queens residents stand with Muslim, Jewish, LGBT, Black and Brown communities. Community Board 6 member Ethan Felder and co-sponsor Mazeda Uddin hosted the February…

Angela Davis to speak March 4 at New York City unity rally

This article first appeared on People’s World. By Sara Ladino During the largest protest in U.S. history, the day after Donald Trump was sworn in as president, civil rights icon Angela Davis once again inspired hundreds of thousands on the main stage in Washington D.C., a major site of struggle against the concentrated power of transnational…