Queens marches against environmental racism

Council member Costa Constantinides of District 22 spoke to the crowd. Pointing to the waste plant in their neighborhood, he said, “This plant burned six million gallons of No. six oil this year and 12 million gallons last year. This grade of oil has many noxious gasses when burned. My district has higher levels of asthma and hospitalizations. When Trump is stepping out, we have to step up!”

Costa’s is co-author of INT. 359 (bit.do/INT359), which ensures that the Department of Environmental Protection and Department of Mental Health and Hygiene will identify and study environmental justice communities, neighborhoods with a significant low-income population and communities of color. The study would include sources of pollution, adverse health impacts on the pollution, the environmental impacts of city policies on communities, barriers to participation by the communities in environmental decision-making, use and potential future use of renewable energies, and policy recommendations to address environmental concerns.

Staten Islanders march on climate change

The rally and march took place in an East Shore neighborhood that was ravaged by Hurricane Sandy in 2012, a neighborhood still recovering from a storm whose impact was made worse by rising sea levels and abnormally warm temperatures on the ocean’s surface.

Unions are all in for People’s Climate March, April 29

“The climate crisis is an outcome of the long-term disinvestment of low-income communities and low-income communities of color,” said Rae Breaux, lead climate justice organizer for the People’s Action Institute. “President Trump’s first 100 days is a clear sign that he will fast-track profits for corporations before he invests in the needs of the American people.

“Now is the time to come together and build an economy where investments are made to benefit workers, communities of color and low-income folks – an economy that is structured to reflect the fact that black, brown and indigenous lives matter,” she said.

Queens comes out against Trump

By Gabe Falsetta Hundreds of people gathered in the brisk air and sunshine Sunday afternoon in MacDonald Park in Forest Hills, Queens to send a clear message to Mr. Trump that Queens residents stand with Muslim, Jewish, LGBT, Black and Brown communities. Community Board 6 member Ethan Felder and co-sponsor Mazeda Uddin hosted the February…