McDonalds And Trump Win Another Battle With Workers

Fight for $15 workers demonstrating at a McDonald’s in New York City. The Trump administration has consistently rigged the rules to allow corporations like McDonald’s to dodge responsibility for minimum wage and overtime violations. Fight for $15 Facebook page.

Reprinted from Solidarity Notes, the official publication of the Solidarity Committee of the Capital District & New York Solidarity

In another victory for the Trump Administration and McDonald’s, the Wal-Mart of the fast food industry, the National Labor Relations Board ruled in mid-December that the parent corporation is not responsible for the treatment or the conditions of workers in any of their thousands of franchises around the country. 

Bloomberg reported in December: “The national board that referees union-organizing drives effectively absolved the company of liability for alleged labor-law violations in some of its franchisees’ restaurants, easing a major threat to the fast-food giant’s business structure. Trump’s appointees overrode an agency judge and rebuffed ethical concerns raised by labor advocates to approve a group of settlements in the matter on a 2-1 decision. The deal resolves allegations of wrongdoing without holding the corporation legally liable as ‘joint employer’ with its franchisees. The victory, which eluded McDonald’s during Obama’s presidency, could help the fast-food giant close a bruising chapter in its history that imperiled its valuable brand as well as the franchise structure it’s built on.”

So, another giant corporation wins a battle against millions of workers and sets a precedent for other similar workers’ —struggles. The fight ain’t over, yet. 

According to Bloomberg. The decision represents a setback for the Service Employees International Union, which since 2012 has backed the ‘Fight for $15’ protests. The SEIU’S president, Mary Kay Henry, pledged to appeal any adverse decision. 

“It’s going to take a lot more than a politically motivated decision on behalf of a Trump administration doing McDonald’s bidding to stop the workers of the Fight for $15,” Henry said in a statement.

For additional reporting on the ruling, read Mark Gruenberg’s article in People’s World, “Labor law group: Trump DOL ‘joint employer’ rule a giveaway to business

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