Resistance Seder

Join us for a celebration of the struggle for Freedom and Liberation for all peopleresistance seder
Sunday, April 23rd, 20172:00pm
Winston Unity Hall
235 West 23rd Street, 7th floor, NYC
We retell the story (Haggadah) of the Israelite rebellion against the Egyptians in their quest for Freedom as a way to connect the past with the present and the future.  Our Seder is an inter-racial, multicultural, multi-ethnic event to remind ourselves that “nobody’s free until everybody’s free.”  Our freedom is bound up in collective liberation.
For all those who have struggled under the Hot Sun in fields of labor, in the dark mines for minerals, in the blight and poverty of cities and the isolation of rural America, we stand together in our inherent desire to be free.  For Peace and Justice we stand together until all of us are free to live in peace with dignity and care.
This is a collaborative and participatory event, we will eat and drink and celebrate together.  All are invited, especially those who have never experienced a Seder.
We inspire each other to continue the struggle until all people are free.
There is a suggested donation of $10 at the door. For more information contact: Esther Moroze at 917-613-8756

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