Protests hit the streets of Paris following police shooting of Chinese man

Protests hit the streets of Paris following police shooting of Chinese manBy Roee Ruttenberg

This article first appeared on on March 28, 2017

The streets of Paris’ 19th district, or arrondissement, were calm, but still tense on Tuesday. Ethnically Chinese protesters took to the streets for a second day, demonstrating against the killing of 56 year old Liu Shaoyo, by French police. The Chinese father of five was shot in his home on Sunday.

On Monday night, the protesters clashed with police, who used batons and teargas to disperse the group. Many of them ethnically Chinese residents of the French capital. Dozens were detained, and at least three officers were injured.

The upheaval follows conflicting accounts of what happened to Liu. Police say they were responding to reports of a disturbance, broke down Liu’s door, and then saw him, lunging towards them, holding what was described as “a bladed weapon”, before he was shot.

Liu’s family, and a lawyer, dispute that account. They said he was holding scissors to scale fish, and was with his children.

In Beijing on Tuesday, in a rare move, Chinese officials called for an immediate investigation into the actions of French police. They also urged the protesters in Paris to show restraint.

France is home to Europe’s largest Chinese community, estimated at around 600,000. Ethnically Chinese residents of Paris say they are often targets of racist attacks, and have long complained that the city isn’t safe for them.

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