Defeating Trumpism is a global effort

By Cameron Orr

Trump Mideast Analysis
A protester holds a sign at San Francisco International Airport. | Marcio Jose Sanchez | AP

Trump’s election is not an isolated incident unique to the United States or separate from what is going on in the rest of the world.

Ultra-right figures and parties have been coming to the fore globally in countries such as Ukraine, Argentina, Brazil, UK, France, Germany, and other countries. This has come about primarily as a backlash against capitalist globalization and the decline in living standards that has come along with it. Transnational banks and corporations control the world’s capitalist governments. They work to undermine the ability of formal democratic institutions to function as their interests come into direct conflict with the needs and desires of the vast majority of people.

Ultra-right figures have increasingly used nationalist rhetoric to explain the general decline in living standards. They attempt to blame super-exploited immigrant workers and nationally and racially oppressed for the decline in living standards overall, while the free flow of investments across a global market are forcing workers to compete for jobs in a global race to the bottom. Ultra-right forces also attempt to blame other countries for stealing jobs. Many of these jobs have been replaced by advanced technologies under the control of transnational corporations. They drive countries toward war in order to concentrate control of the world’s resources.

Rather than resorting to various forms of nationalism, which have nothing to do with protecting the interests of any part of the working class in any country, including in the U.S., the multi-racial, multi-gender, multi-generational working class of all countries must embark on a path to replace capitalist globalization with working class democracy and trade agreements that promote friendly cooperation and shared development by all the world’s countries. This is the only way the benefits of new technologies can be equally shared and peaceably managed by all the world’s people.

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