Defeat Trump/ Defeat Racism

By Jarvis Tyner

We’ve all sat in front of our TV sets and watched the Donald Trump Show. His hate filled speech against immigrants, Muslims, Black Lives Matter protesters; his insults against women, Hillary Clinton and President Obama are in the news every day. When protesters at his rallies unfurl anti-racist banners, Donald Trump tells his crowds of angry, mainly middle aged white men, “Punch them in the face”, “Beat the crap out of them”, “Send them to the hospital; I’ll pay for your legal fees”.

Our nation has had a long and damaging experience with racist violence. Racist speech leads to racist violence. Imagine our country with narcissistic billionaire bigot Donald Trump as the 45th President.

The whole world saw the elderly white man sucker punch a black youth who was peacefully exiting the stadium. This was in Fayetteville, North Carolina. When interviewed the attacker said, “The next time I see him, I’m gonna have to kill him.” The police arrested the protesters. At Trump rallies there is a foul stench of fascism.

Blacks, whites and Latinos continue to protest peacefully and continue to be abused and attacked by racist mobs egged on by Trump.

You saw the real Trump during his speech on immigration after his fake diplomatic sideshow in Mexico. The real Trump says he will build the wall. He will criminalize and round up millions of non-white immigrants and hold them in detention to be deported.

The agricultural jobs in their countries were exported due to NAFTA. If Trump wins he will try to deport them back to the terror of drug gangs whose weapons come from this side of the border. This side of the border spends billions buying those drugs.

At that Arizona rally he lined up 7 or 8 mainly white women and they each testified that undocumented immigrants had murdered members of their family. So the message is “vote for Trump he will defend us against the immigrant criminal murderers and rapists”. This is hate speech. Hate informed by lies. No wonder the KKK loves Donald Trump. He articulates their program.

When you ask Trump supporters why they support a racist for president, they answer, “He’s just being dramatic”; “He’s against political correctness”. Or worse, “Donald Trump is just being honest; he tells it like he sees it”.

Racism is based on the big lie of genetic inferiority. Trump broadcasts that lie from coast to coast. He blames immigrants from Mexico for homicides against whites, but the facts are according to the US Justice Department, whites commit 84% of homicides of whites.

He is putting the blame for the nation’s socioeconomic problems on working class people of color; the most incarcerated and most oppressed section of the US working class. All the while he masquerades as a friend of the working class and the 1% gets a free pass.

Hidden under the attack on “political correctness” is an attack on anti racism. Racism is not only politically incorrect, it is morally and spiritually incorrect. Most of humanity understands this. Racist speech leads to racist violence. Just look at Trump’s rallies and the rise of bias crimes against Muslims, immigrants and African Americans.

In our country racism and bigotry has played a central role in rationalizing slavery, segregation, terror and war. It has been central in diving and weakening the working class struggle for justice.

I’m not a Democrat, but those who insist that there is no difference between the two major parties need to understand that Trump’s Republican campaign is building a nationwide movement based on extreme racism and bigotry that will take our nation down the road to economic, social and political disaster. His xenophobia and imperialist “strong man” talk will lead to war. Trump and the Republicans must be defeated.

Read the programs of Hillary and Trump. If there is no difference, why are billions of dollars and incalculable effort spent by both sides to win? There is a split in the ruling class.

It’s the Republicans not the Democrats who are mobilizing a big racist vote. Republicans are the party that is gutting the Voting Rights Act. They are working across the country to prevent African Americans, Latinos and young people from voting. They are looking to steal another election. Hillary Clinton has the support of labor, African American, Latino, women, LGBTQ and environmental voters. That’s who she will have to respond to when elected.

Donald Trump will have to respond to extreme racist like, Rudolph Gulliani, David Duke, the Brietbart Alt?

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and so many other martyrs did not die in vain. They saved our nation from the consequences of legal segregation and racist terror. Dr. King led a multiracial movement that moved our nation toward freedom and true democracy.   The GOP is out to reverse those historic gains.


Colin Kaepernick’s protest against racism is spreading among athletes across the country.   Labor, African American and Latino, women, youth, churches, Temples, and Mosque are mobilizing.

Labor and all the united movements for peace and justice are organizing to prevent the Billionaire bigot from occupying the White House.

What do we have to lose with Trump? EVERYTHING!

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